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Private & Small Group Lessons

Music Class for kids ages 4-6

🎶🎉 Calling all future rockstars and maestros! 🎉🎶

🌟 Introducing Music Foundations: Where Little Musicians Blossom! 🌟

🎵 Are your little ones bursting with curiosity and a passion for music? 🎵

🥁🎸🎹 Look no further! Our exciting program is here to ignite their musical journey and unleash their hidden talents! 🥁🎸🎹

🌈🎶 Join us in a colorful musical adventure as we explore the magical world of instruments! 🌈🎶

In Music Foundations, we've crafted the perfect harmony of fun and education to captivate budding musicians between the ages of 4 and 7. This program is the ultimate playground for your little rockstars-in-the-making! 🌟

🥁🎸🎹 Get ready to embark on a multi-instrumental extravaganza, where we'll discover the beat of the drums, strum the cheerful ukulele, tickle the ivories of the keyboard, and so much more! 🥁🎸🎹

🎉 But it's not just about jamming solo. We believe in the power of unity and the magic of group performances! 🎉

💫🎵 Throughout the program, our talented instructors will guide your child and their fellow music enthusiasts through enchanting group sessions. Together, they'll learn the core principles and foundations of playing instruments while fostering friendship and teamwork. 🎵💫

🌟 And the grand finale? Our dazzling recitals! 🌟

🎭🎶 Witness the transformation of our little maestros as they showcase their newfound skills on stage, shining bright like the stars they are! 🎭🎶

🎵🌟 At Music Foundations, we strive to instill a lifelong love of music in every child. We believe that every beat, every strum, and every note is a step toward their musical destiny! 🌟🎵

🌈🎉 So, are you ready to witness your child's musical potential unfold? Sign them up for Music Foundations today and let the symphony of joy begin! 🎉🌈

$130.00 Month

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